Meet Darcy!

Hello, Darlings!

I’ve been reading and gathering information since I could talk. Now, at 30, with a few false starts under my belt, I’m finally realizing that a librarian is the perfect career field for me.

My undergraduate degree is in political science, and I went on to get my masters in English literature. And I now have a masters degree in Library Science and am trying to find work as a full time librarian.

I am in love with coffee, books, tea, cloudy days, movies, tv shows, and a comfy reading chair. As I am someone who has a love of stories, no matter the platform, this blog will not consist only of book reviews or themes from books, but also have movies and tv shows. Sometimes there could be posts about what’s going on in the world or something from my own personal life, but I will tag those appropriately. My tagline does state I’m an equal opportunity fanboi and anything remotely nerdy, I’m probably a fan.

Welcome to The Nonbinary Librarian!