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I’m not going to lie. I totally pick up books based on cover. Of course, after I pick up the book, I read the summary and if you can’t hold my attention during that, then I”m not going to get it. But I truly believe a good cover sets up the first impression for me, at least.

So, the covers below are some of my favorites and why I think they work well.

The cover for The Beautiful is so subtle to what happens in the novel. The ornate, 1800s style, goblet, the rose petals falling out like blood. All of that contrasted against a black cover, is plain gorgeous.

The white background and the white branches and the white title all blend together so well. I absolutely love how the branches go in and out of the words and just blend with them. This is beautifully haunting, especially once you read the book and figure out what’s going on in the magical world.

I’m finding I’m a fan of the more subtle covers right now. This cover pairs well with the plot and themes of the book. A family saga, a former potato farmer family, white supremacy, the cost of maintaining a family name. Showing the underground roots of potato farming, and the fact that families usually use trees to show connections, on the cover with Dig big and bold was spot on for this novel.

All of the covers for Clare’s Dark Artifices series are wonderful! I love the fact that for this one we see is Emma Carstairs floating in the sea with Cortana (a shortsword that’s been in the Carstairs family for generations). The way they blend in the sea with the black smoke at the bottom, along with the reflection of the L.A. Institute in the ocean are so well done.

This seems like a strange one with the ones that came before, but I absolutely think the striking girl they have on the cover is more appropriate than something subtle. The girl is Gretchen, niece to Uncle Dolf, or as most people know him Adolf Hitler. So, having a young girl with blondish hair, striking blue/green eyes in the process of getting obscured by the fog on the cover matches what happens in the book perfectly.

Happy Reading Darlings!

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