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I started #FridayFavorites back when I started up the blog again and wanted to make sure I kept at least one regular post a week. This was, of course, before I knew there were others out there. But I decided to keep it, especially since I have the whole year planned out. If anyone wants to join me, the list for future topics can be found here.

Today’s topic covers books that take place in a location other than where I live. I decided to exclude everything with the United States to make it a bit more fun.

Location: India

Summary: Saleem Sinai was born at midnight, the midnight of India’s independence, and found himself mysteriously “handcuffed to history” by the coincidence. He is one of 1,001 children born at the midnight hour, each of them endowed with an extraordinary talent—and whose privilege and curse it is to be both master and victims of their times.

Locations: United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Algeria

Summary: Felicity Montague must use all her womanly wits and wiles to achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor—even if she has to scheme her way across Europe to do it.

Location: Italy

Summary: The story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents’ cliff-side mansion on the Italian Riviera.

Location: East Prussia

Summary: Four fictionalized but historically accurate voices to convey the real-life tragedy of the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a German cruise liner that was supposed to ferry wartime personnel and refugees to safety from the advancing Red Army.

Location: France and Germany

Summary: The interweaving stories of two children who grow up during Hitler’s reign, one who is blind and lives in a sea-side town in France and one who lives in Germany and joins Hitler Youth. Doerr illuminates the ways, against all odds, people try to be good to one another.

Happy Reading Darlings!

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