Book Challenges & Goals for 2021

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As we close out the horrendous year that is 2020, I’m planning ahead for the upcoming year and what I plan to read. I usually only have a challenge around the number of books I read in the year, but this year I’m adding a few more from other blogs that I follow.

The Goals

Read 60 books in 2020 – In the past few years, I’ve read around 50 books, more or less. I kept with that for the fact that it’s almost one book a week. It was especially hard to keep up with this in the past due to graduate school. I want to up it just a few in 2021.

Get my TBR Owned pile down to 10 (okay more like 20 or 30) – I don’t buy too many books, I just don’t have enough bookshelves. But really, I have way too many books that I own that I haven’t read.

Read the Lambda Literary Awards from 2020 – I’m stealing the idea of reading a literary award shortlist from Bookish Luna. This year I’m going to read the shortlist of the Lambda Literary Awards. As there are 24 sections, each with about 4-6 books in their shortlist, I’m going to only read the shortlist for the Lesbian Fiction awards this year. I’m excited to add a literary list to my challenges, as I hope this broadens my reading and authors.

Utilize the Library More – As a way to help keep my TBR owned pile, I also want to use the library more. Since I actually work in one, it is easy for me to get books and take them back, so this shouldn’t be difficult.

Read More Poetry – I have quite a few poetry books and a pretty decent poetry collection in general. This year I want to try to read a few poems a day (2-3 depending on the length) and have that be part of my morning or evening routine.

Happy Reading Darlings and New Year!

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