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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly topic hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week she provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

Today’s topic is resolutions or hopes for 2021. As I mention in my Book Resolutions post, I am not a fan of resolutions because most of the time people quit them within a month or so. But I can get behind the idea of having hopes for the coming year.

As 2020 has been a complete shitstorm, hopefully the coming year will be at least slightly better.

2021 may you be just slightly better, I mean I have the bar real low.

  1. Finish grad school

I mean this one is a hope but it’s also going to happen but whatever, I’m including it. So suck it! I started my Masters in Library Science in January of 2019 and will finish the degree in December of 2021. I’m so excited to finish, not only because then I will not have school anymore (for those who know me, no comments about how long it’ll be before I’m back in school for another degree) and for the fact that once I have the degree I can apply for librarian jobs and my pay will increase by a lot (not the point, yes, but I’d like to be able to not live paycheck to paycheck and to start paying on my loans, as well as save more money for retirement, travel, etc, and have some fun money).

2. Decrease my reliance on takeout

I hate cooking! Like absolutely loathe it. I don’t think it’s fun or exciting, but mostly just a waste of time and effort for little reward. I also have body image issues (I mean who doesn’t) and while I know that I need food to live, I just don’t get the point when all that happens is going to the toilet later (I know gross). BUT, while I’m not wanting to focus on health in the coming year (yes, that’s important but not the focus), I’m wanting to just lower my reliance on takeout. I’m going to be using more crockpot meals, mostly ones that I can just dump everything in, not any that requires cooking beforehand (a bit of prep on veggies is okay).

3. Start looking for jobs (and applying)

As I stated above, I’ll finish my degree in library science in December. I want to start looking for jobs in late summer and the fall semester. In the summer, I basically want to narrow down where I want to go. I already know I want to work at a university library (college students are the best), but I’m pretty open to where I want to go. I mainly want to narrow down my focus to universities (and libraries) who are LGBTQ+ supportive and friendly, support and believe in the BLM mission and statements, and strive for diversity and inclusion. Anyway, in the fall I hope to start applying and sending out my resume to universities. I doubt that I’ll get a job right away, but I do want to begin the process.

4. Get vaccinated

This is an easy one, but GET THE COVID VACCINE. Whenever that happens for me, it doesn’t matter, as those who are on the front lines should obviously get it first. But once I’m allowed to, I’m going to get vaccinated.

5. Writing

I already have my book resolutions on my other post here, but I didn’t include anything there about writing. With school, it is hard to keep up with my creative writing, but I’d like to carve out time for writing poetry or stories in general.

6. Budget

Boring, yes, but I want to be better about having a budget and sticking with it.

7. Drink more water

I mean this one is obvious, and I even have a water bottle for this purpose. Yet, these past few months I have been awful at drinking water.

8. Limit Netflix (and other streaming services)

This goes in hand with my reading resolutions. But I want to read more books and spend less time mindlessly watching TV while scrolling on my phone. I am going to give myself a pass this year, as it has been an awful year.

9. Practice mindfulness

I started it this fall, but I want to continue and also use it to control my anger.

10. Don’t be hard on myself

If I don’t read a lot of books or don’t write when I’m supposed to or the numerous other items on this list (or my book resolution list) to not worry about it. I have a bad practice of beating myself up when I don’t finish a resolution or meet a goal, and I want to work on that in 2021.

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  1. lydiaschoch

    Getting vaccinated was on my list, too!

    Good luck with your last year of school and job hunt. I think working in a university/college library would be awesome.

    My post.

  2. I started to get a little better with my budget last year but I definitely want to continue managing it better this year! Great list of goals/hopes for this year. That last one is definitely a good one to always remember 🙂

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