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Oh, there are so many places I’d love to live than this world that we’re living in now.

  1. Hogwarts – only if I can live in a world that is not filled with TERFs because I’m not about that life
  2. The Shire – oh to live a life in a Hobbit hole with a nice cup of tea and some good food sounds absolutely lovely!
  3. Havenfall (from the Havenfall by Sara Holland) – this sounds absolutely amazing to live at Havenfall and see all these different cultures
  4. Hawthorne House (from The Inheritance Games) – I really just want to explore this mansion because it sounds wonderful!
  5. Winterfell – I absolutely love cold weather, and I think if I lived in Westeros, if I wasn’t already in the North, that is were I would immediately go! Especially if Sansa was Queen already!
  6. Rivendell – I mean it’s absolutely gorgeous and the architecture is just amazing!
  7. New Beijing (The Lunar Chronicles) – I would just love to see how the world has changed since this time period
  8. Isadora’s House – it’s been so long since I’ve read The Chaos of Stars, I can’t remember if the house was the actual temples. Whether it is or isn’t, I just would love to live there to see the Egyptian gods and the temples (yes, I know I could visit the temples in Egypt but to meet the gods would be amazing).
  9. Pemberley Manor – I mean I’m such a huge Jane Austen fan I would love to live at Pemberley just to experience life there
  10. Panem – I wouldn’t want to live but maybe a visit. But I also wouldn’t want people to see or notice me, so I’d want to be there as a ghost or something. Like New Beijing, I would want to visit to see what the future world could be.

Happy Reading Darlings!

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