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I started #FridayFavorites back when I started up the blog again and wanted to make sure I kept at least one regular post a week. This was, of course, before I knew there were others out there. But I decided to keep it, especially since I have the whole year planned out. In December, I decided to change it to #FridayFives instead to have more room for topics. If anyone wants to join me, the list for future topics can be found here.

Today’s topic is on some of my favorite words. Posting early as I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for a trip.

  1. Codswallop: nonsense
  2. Halcyon: calm and peaceful; happy, prosperous
  3. Gauche: unsophisticated and socially awkward
  4. Petrichor: the smell of earth after rain
  5. Tsundoku: Japanese noun; buying books and not reading them; letting them pile up unread



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