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Sometimes we just need to read something fun, something that makes us smile. Here are some of my favorites!

Ada Twist, Scientist is probably my favorite children’s book right now! It’s so completely adorable and each time I read it (by myself or to my niblings) I have a smile on my face.

P.S. There’s a Netflix show being made of this book and the Obamas are the producers! Eeeek I’m so excited!

This reminds me of the TV show Firefly so much! It does have it’s tense moments, but overall this book is completely wonderful with such a great cast of characters!

I absolutely love the story of Elizabeth & Darcy, so having that same love story but with a murder just puts a smile on my face….I realize how bad that makes me sound, and I don’t how to explain this any better.

Luc & Oliver are relationship goals!! These two are so adorable and lovable and I couldn’t not smile while reading this book!

Monty is such an adorable doofus that I can’t help but love! Along with Percy and Felicity! This book has everything grand trips, useless gays, an annoying but usually right sister, and some bad guys trying to chase you down!

This book is so much fun!! I absolutely love this whole series! Sophronia and her group of friends are just delightful, as are the secondary characters and the plot is actually quite well done.

Again, this is gonna make me sound like a horrible person, but I can’t not smile/laugh when I read this book! It’s funny and punny!

A reimagined tale of Jane Eyre as a serial murderer, I mean what’s not to love!? This is such a fun and delightful read. While staying pretty true to the original text of Bronte’s novel, Faye also does a great job in creating her own novel and story.

Emi & Ava are so completely adorable, as well as being such useless lesbians! I also love this story for the fact that coming out was never the point of the novel nor was there anyone who was against them for being gay.

Another adorable romance novel that just brings a smile to my face! Anna & Étienne are so cute, and I just love how this novel plays out. It’s a fun, young adult novel with no high stakes!

Happy Reading Darlings!

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8 responses to “TTT | Books Guaranteed to Put a Smile On Your Face

    • It’s so enjoyable and definitely something I’d recommend! I will say that while there is a plot, it’s very loose and more of a focus on the characters and how they interact with each other.

  1. I have very fond memories of Anna and the French Kiss, which I’d heard on audiobook as a teen. I think I can top that up with Last Laughs and the P&P retelling, both of which look *exactly* like the books I need right now. Thanks for adding to the smile movement. 🙂

  2. Man, now I’m mad all over again that in my newfound quest to read all of Nina LaCour’s books in order, I have just discovered that my local library no longer has Everything Leads To You. :/ But I guess I can get it from another library if I’m patient enough, so I’m encouraged by this bite-sized rec.

    Last Laughs looks fantastic; where did you come across it?

    (Though honestly, while I haven’t read any, everything on this list looks good and I really enjoyed your explanations. Including your recurring theme that everything is better with a little more murder, lmao.)

    • Boo to your library not having Everything Leads to You!! I hope you can get it from another library soon.

      I actually came across Last Laughs from a coworker (fellow librarian) of mine who had it. She knows how much I love dark humor and thought I’d get a kick out of it, which I did!

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