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Title: Good Girl, Bad Blood

Author: Holly Jackson

Publisher: Electric Monkey

Published: 20 April 2020

Pages: 417

Content Warnings: murder, gun violence, death, sexual assault, kidnapping

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I was so excited when this book came out because I absolutely loved, loved, loved, the first book in the series, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and couldn’t wait to see what Pip and Ravi would get up to next.

After everything comes out in the first book about what really happened to Andie Bell and Sal Singh, Pip decides not to be a detective anymore. She does create a podcast (that goes viral) about everything that went on in the first book, along with providing updates as the trial proceeds, but her investigating days are over.

But Pip is soon approached by Connor who is wanting Pip’s help to find his brother, Jamie. The police aren’t doing anything because Jamie has run away before, and they think it’s the same thing this time. But Connor is still worried. Pip says she doesn’t investigate anymore, but that she’ll talk with the police; shockingly, the police still won’t look into the case. Pip is back with another case to figure out what happened to Jamie.

We do find out that Max Hastings, the man on trial for drugging and assaulting girls at the calamity parties, is found not guilty. I mean this is so typical of real life that I was not surprised but still saddened and annoyed. Pip does not let this lie thought and vandalizes Max’s house and uploads the audio file of him admitting his guilt.

Jamie’s case was fascinating and just as hard hitting as the Andie Bell and Sal Singh from the first book. The way Jackson writes her story and the pacing she employs is so well done. For this case, it involves a case from the past of a man, Scott Brunswick, who made his son lure out child victims in Margate, Kent. Child Brunswick was placed in witness protection and the court documents only ever listed him as Child Brunswick. It all comes to a head in the end and someone ends up dead (it’s not Pip, Ravi, or any of her friends, so don’t worry).

This one had not only a compelling case but also pretty interesting ideas about the justice system and who is guilty and who isn’t. During Pip’s investigation, she found the subreddit talking about Child Brunswick, many who think it isn’t fair that he never got punished. But there’s also that thin line of while he did lure the children out, he never had a real chance of a life as this was his dad. There is a reminder in this that he was a child as well. Then there is the fact that Max Hastings was found not guilty when we all know he is, which just goes back to the recent events of needing to reform the justice system.

This is such a great book with great characters! I’m definitely behind as the 3rd is already out, and I don’t yet have it.

Happy Reading Darlings!

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