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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly topic hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week she provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

This weeks topic is a freebie having to do with love. I’m choosing to focus on non-canon romantic relationships from Harry Potter, which I would rework all the relationships in that series.

Draco/Harry: Draco & Harry just makes sense to me! They could’ve had such a great enemies to lovers story arc, but nope, instead he ended up with the equivalent of his high school sweetheart. Question: how many of those actually lasted?

Hermione/Fred: Before the last few books came out, I remember so many headcanons/theories that Hermione & Fred would end up together. I think this works way better than Hermione & Ron because starting in the 4th/5th book, Hermione actually starts to see how intelligent the twins are, and Fred actually shows he cares for her when they first go to the joke shop. I just see that they could balance each other out, Fred can show Hermione how to let go and have fun, and Hermione could show him when to be serious.

Sirius/Remus: I mean if you grew up with HP and were on any HP fansite, then you know about WolfStar. these two are adorable and act like husbands. They belong together, nothing will convince me otherwise! Also, how can you make a character that is an allegory to the HIV/AIDS disease and then try to say that he is straight!?!?!? What?!?!

Ron/Blaise: This is entirely fanfiction’s fault, and I’m not mad about it. It kinda works, in a weird way. One caveat, I’ve always read Ron as asexual (I’m not sure if anyone else did), so there’s that as well.

Ginny/Luna: In the books, when the Golden Trio meet Luna, Ginny is the one who introduces her to them showing that there is a friendship between them that we see outside Harry’s perspective. Ginny actively defends her friendship with Luna as well, and I totally see them as the slow-burn friendship to romance trope. (Yes, I know above I said that high school sweethearts don’t usually work, but I see them getting together a few years after they leave Hogwarts).

Harry/Fleur: I’m super frustrated with all the hate surrounding Fleur!! She’s a great character who is a Triwizard champion and more importantly is actually a kind person. Harry and Fleur make sense in the fact that they’re both people who have the spotlight on them for unwanted reasons. I can see them commiserating on that together and growing into a good friendship foundation before romance ensues.

Hermione/Pansy: I know, I know, there’s not a lot of interaction between them in the books (let’s not even discuss the movies). But I don’t care! These two just have so much potential for such a great powercouple relationship!!

Tonks/Fleur: Since I don’t agree with Remus & Tonks relationship (although I definitely see them having a great bro friendship), there has to be someone I see Tonks with. Fleur and Tonks just seem more complimentary to each other, as they can help the other be better and cheer them on. They would have such a healthy relationship where appearances don’t matter.

Harry/Luna: Luna’s one of the few characters that never wavers in her trust and friendship with Harry. Not even Hermione and Ron are that loyal to him. I also think the friendship between the two is such a good foundation for a relationship. Harry genuinely cares for Luna and not only is Luna a great friend, but she would be great in helping him deal with his mental health and letting him know when he’s being stupid.

Hermione/Draco: I used to ship them way more when I was younger than I do now, especially once finding Hermione/Pany fanfic! But I still think this works way more than Hermione/Ron. Draco and Hermione could have that intellectual romantic relationship that I know she would crave (not saying Ron is dumb, he’s smart in his own ways, but I just see Hermione needing that intellectual back-and-forth). The only downside I could see to this ship is that they’re both super competitive and workaholics.

Happy Reading Darlings!

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7 responses to “TTT | Love Freebie

  1. Love this post! Had a lot of fun reading it, such a different take on this week’s theme! 🙂

    I would be interested however to know your opinions on the whole J.K. Rowling situation because personally that’s cast a bit of a shadow over the Potter world, even though I love it dearly. I find every time I read the books I question the lack of diversity and how there is a whole school without a single mention of anything lgbtq+ and honestly that’s pretty heartbreaking. Dumbledore was afterwards said to be gay but this feels like an afterthought to me. Would love to know your opinion!

    • Thank you!!

      I’ve been having a difficult time with HP lately due to Rowling’s horrendous comments towards transgender women (who are REAL WOMEN)!! I’ve always been someone who grew up loving HP and helped me escape my own life, but once in college I started seeing the lack of diversity (not just with lgbtq+ people but also BIPOC as well). When she came out saying Dumbledore was gay, I was like okay, I can kinda see it but wasn’t understanding why she said it. Now that she’s stated that his sexuality is not going to be part of the Fantastic Beasts movies, I totally believe she had Dumbledore be gay for media attention. I’m trying not to let her change my love for the series, but I will say that most of my HP stuff is in my storage closet in boxes. I used to re-read the series every other year, but I haven’t done that in a couple of years at this point. Will it still have a close place in my heart? Yes, but I do believe there are many other great fantasy novels out there as well.

      P.S. Part of why I did this post is that I knew I would have m/m and f/f ships and even though she’s never going to read this, I know it’ll piss her off.

  2. Catherine Neal

    Harry and Luna have so much chemistry in the films! And even in the books I wouldn’t have minded them getting together. I don’t see that Draco is any more intellectual than Ron though – bet Draco’s no good at chess.

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