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I started Friday Fives back when I started up the blog again and wanted to make sure I kept at least one regular post a week. This was, of course, before I knew there were others out there. But I decided to keep it, especially since I have the whole year planned out. In December, I decided to change it to Friday Fives instead to have more room for topics.

In honor of Black History Month (the shortest month of the year, not saying it was done on purpose, but come on), I’m wanting to feature Black authors and/or what Black celebrities recommend to read. Today’s topic is what bell hooks books you should read. If you don’t know why bell hooks lowercases her name, here is an article were you can learn more about it.

I read a selection for a English grad class when we were discussing Critical Race Theory, and I needed to read the entire book. This book is going to be uncomfortable for white people but stick with it. More importantly sit with that feeling of being uncomfortable and work through those feelings. hooks discusses systematic racism, along with the disconnect of racism and gender.

If you’ve ever heard of hooks or been recommended one of her books, it’s probably this one. All About Love explores the idea of love as a verb and what do we really know about love. What is love? How do we know we’re in love? What does a toxic relationship look like?

What does it mean to call a place home? Who is allowed to become a member of a community? When can we say that we truly belong? These are some of the questions hooks raises in Belonging: A Culture of Place.

Of course, I have to mention hooks Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center. First published in 1984, it was praised, as well as thought of as “provocative.” hooks claims that the feminist movement had to establish a new direction for the 80s. Up until now, the feminist movement has not accounted for the complexity and diversity of the female experience.

For those who like to know about the author, this is hooks memoir. It is the unfolding of female creativity and one strong-spirited child’s journey toward becoming a writer.

Of course, this is just a taste of her writings. Please look up more of what she has written and what other Black Women have written because they do not get the recognition they deserve!

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