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Title: Count Your Lucky Stars

Author: Alexandria Bellefleur

Publisher: Avon

Published: 1 February 2022

Pages: 384

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This review contains spoilers, you have been warned!!

Gosh, I love, love, love Margot oh so much!! This book covers Margot’s romance story. Brendon and Annie’s wedding is taking place and Olivia Grant was Margot’s best friend and also the first and last person she fell in love with. Olivia has been divorced for about a year and now has her job on the line with Brendon and Annie’s wedding. With Margot and Olivia thrown together, they find out that maybe second chances can work out.

I really love how Bellefleur has something different with each story and it’s not just a rehash with different names. As I was reading this, I was super frustrated that neither Margot nor Olivia had an actual, adult conversation. That is one of my biggest pet peeves in any genre of book. Yet, by the end it does end up making sense why the lack of conversation happens between the two.

Margot realized she was in love with Olivia while in high school but was never going to say anything because she didn’t want to risk their friendship. During that time, Olivia was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Brad (her future husband and now ex-husband). She soon realized that she was also in love with Margot. Senior year spring break happens and feelings explode as they do, and they have a week together until Monday rolls around. Margot overhears Brad talk with his friends that him and Olivia are back together and everything’s fine. After school, Olivia texts Margot about Brad wanting to get back together and what she should do. Margot replies saying she won’t say what happened between them. As I said, frustrating.

Margot has fears of abandonment, that no one really wants or needs her around (boy do I understand those feelings). Olivia, on the other hand, doesn’t put herself first, ever. I’ll even go as far as saying that she doesn’t really believe that she “deserves” happiness, especially not with Margot. While frustrating that they don’t talk, it does make sense by the end when the fight scene happens why they wouldn’t talk about this “casual” sex they’ve been having the past few weeks.

I do love the ending and seeing everything come together. The epilogue was so adorable, but I’m a little confused about how it’s 2 years later and Darcy & Elle’s wedding because I thought they were getting married the December following Brendon & Annie’s wedding. I mean wedding dates change all the time, but an explanation would’ve been nice. I’m also really happy that Margot talked to Elle about the feelings she was having about Brendon and Annie getting married and Darcy and Elle’s engagement. Even though Margot knows these feelings are irrational, she still needs to talk them out and Elle reassuring her that Margot will always be their friend and is the glue was exactly what Margot needed to hear. I loved Elle reminding Margot that she doesn’t need to be sunshine and rainbows and that their group of friends loves her just as she is. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for in this life, someone to love us flaws, scars, weirdness, and all!

Happy Reading Darlings!



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