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Books that we consider classics today are not ones that I myself would hold up as good literature. Ask any book enthusiast or English professor what they’re definition of a classic, they’ll all probably give you a different answer. For me, a classic is a book that reveals something about life, truth, or beauty, along with standing the test of time. And of course, I definitely think having some BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ authors represented is a must. Here are the list of books that I think will become classics. You know if we last that long….not to be too morbid!

The Book Thief is that young adult book that stays with you, so I definitely think it’ll become a classic. The way Death is narrated is just absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking!

A beautiful and fascinating book that takes the reader on an extraordinary journey. I’m still wishing the Cemetery of Forgotten Books is real.

If the world lasts for the next century, I can definitely see this becoming a classic in the fact that we look back on our past and see how selfish, money hungry, and power grubby we were.

I know I’m not the only one who likes to read WWI and WWII historical fiction, and I feel that 9/11 and the turn of the 21st century will be the same for future generations.

The world that Tomi Adeyemi gives us is filled with beauty and the same issues we are dealing with currently in the United States (and most of the world).

While the focus is on how an Arab girl feels in her own life and body, there is definitely ways to connect with it for many others. At least, I thought there was because so many of these lines I felt the same way myself!!

This book has everything from found family to romance to sibling love. It definitely tries to reveal what the point of life is and is an enjoyable novel as well.

A book that covers so many tumultuous events, from the fall of Afghanistan’s monarchy through the Soviet invasion, the exodus of refugees to Pakistan and the United States, and the rise of the Taliban regime. This book tries to reveal how our past affects our future and how to forgive ourselves.

Okay, I know I gush about The Avatar: The Last Airbender world at any chance I get, but I truly believe that the duology of Kyoshi’s novels can stand the test of time. The author does an amazing job of not only writing books that are readable for old or new fans but the book covers ideas of morality and right versus wrong and political issues that we can all relate to.

Despite all the recent attacks against transgender children, I do firmly believe that this book will become one of those classic children’s books. More and more we are living in a world were more kiddos are able to be out because of the time they live in. Even for those kids who are cis-gender, this book can help them see a point of view different from theirs.

Happy Reading Darlings!

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26 responses to “TTT | 21st Century Books I Think Will Become Classics

  1. I loved Migrations. I don’t think I can predict what will become a classic, who knows what will stick with people. I know I have read some classics and thought, really, what was so special about that? 🤣

  2. What a great reminder of some books I’ve loved this list is! I’m feeling like I need to re-read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because I remember being quite moved by it, but I haven’t read it in ten years at this point and have largely forgotten it. I get to discover it again! 🙂

  3. Great list! How did I forget about The Kite Runner? It’s such an incredible book, and even more so considering how much Afghanistan has changed … and will probably continue to change.

  4. Great list and thoughts about classics. I went books I thought that I thought would be enjoyed by several generations. The Book Thief made my list as well. Some of the other books on your list are on my TBR. I hope I enjoy them as much as you did.

  5. THE BOOK THIEF is on my list today as well. It’s already a classic in my opinion! I haven’t read any of these others, but I can definitely see why they’re on your list just from the things I’ve heard/read about them. Nice picks!

    Happy TTT!


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