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I absolutely love this topic! There are so many books that I finish reading and am in desperate need to know what happens next. Usually, I come up with my own headcannons and sometimes forget if that was really part of the story or something I made up.

I mean technically there is an end for this book, but I still would like to see what happens between Nell and Felix (they totally get back together in my mind) and all the rest of the characters. Plus how does the rest of the world react to Wally’s side-project. And what happens when everyone finds out about Agloe? I have many questions and thoughts!

I just want to read an entire story about Alex and Henry’s life together and I would be the happiest person ever! I do know there is a fanfic that is post-canon about this All That Glitters (Is Not Gold) that I do want to read, but I’ll be sad when it’s over.

I’m really just needing to know what happened. I felt like there should’ve been another chapter or epilogue before I finished. And leaving it with that cliff-hanger was mean. Is there going to be another book? What happens to all the characters?

This ended quite abruptly, and while I think I know what happened, an epilogue would’ve been nice to wrap everything up. Are Blue and Red now locked in a paradox of repeating everything? Do they get to be together now? I just am confused and have questions.

I understand the vague, third-person, distant narrator that the author was going for, but I definitely would’ve preferred something more along the lines of what Beach Read had. It would be nice to have an epilogue that was definitely more concrete and satisfying.

I loved so much about this book that criticizing anything hurts my soul. Yet, I would’ve liked an epilogue to wrap the story up more. It felt like everything ended without anyone having consequences to their actions. I mean yes, Amber does tell them off, but nothing happens to actually make them think or change their behavior. Not saying it would’ve done anything, but some acknowledgment would’ve been nice.

Yes, I’m including this because her epilogue is stupid and I’m fixing it. Buckle up cause this is quite long and detailed. So, what actually happens is that Harry, Ron, and Hermione have a sit down with Draco and company. They hash everything out and have a sort of truce. Hermione goes on to her 7th/8th year of Hogwarts, along with Draco, and they become best, best friends. Ron and Hermione realize that while they love each other, it was mostly teenage puppy love and end up breaking up. Now that Draco is no longer under his father’s thumb, Hermione helps him realize that he’s gay. Hermione knows Draco is in love with Harry and that Harry is in love with Draco but only one revelation at a time. Harry and Ron both start out as aurors, but when Ron leaves after a few years to help out his George in the joke shop, Harry realizes that a quieter life is all he really wants and goes to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. At this point, Draco already is a master of Potions and starts as a teacher at the same time. Since Hermione keeps saying how great of a friend Draco is, he decides to give Draco more of a chance than he would’ve. Their friendship eventually blossoms into love until Harry can’t take it and kisses Draco one night when all of them and their friends are out. Hermione says finally and everyone cheers. No, they do not stop being completely obsessed with each other. Hermione went off to work at the Ministry but soon realized how corrupt it still all was and decided that the best course of action was to start a non-profit were she could actually do some work instead of shuffling papers around. During Hermione’s years of being friends with Draco, she also started having a crush on Pansy. Hermione being socially awkward that she is was coolly indifferent to Pansy making Pansy believe that Hermione hated her. But Pansy never said anything because she thought she deserved it. It wasn’t until Pansy started dating someone that could be Hermione’s twin that Hermione confessed her feelings to her. Ron found love through his sister-in-law, Fleur, who’s friend was coming to visit and was wanting to introduce her to magical London. Of course, they had to stop at the joke shop and Ron, not trying to, accidently set off a joke which made Fleur’s friend laugh. Ron talked with her the entire time she was in London and they continued to talk all the time through letters and calls (the wizarding world finally figures out technology). There done!

Happy Reading Darlings!

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10 responses to “TTT | Books I Wish Had An Epilogue

  1. Drarry shippers unite! I’m down with Hermione ending up with a lady love, though I’m not sure about Pansy. Whatevs. I also love Harry and Hermione together (though I get that I’m one of the few.)

    That was amazing. This is why we write fanfic. lol

    I also want just like, a whole series of Red White and Royal Blue books. Just…their whole life. All the boring bits. Buying a house and arguing over where to buy it and how to decorate it and whether or not to have kids and what to name them. EVERYTHING and all their shenanigans.

    • YAS!!!! I’m so happy that you’re a Drarry shipper! I personally would be okay with Hermione ending up with anyone EXCEPT Ron (I love Ron but I just don’t think him and Hermione would’ve worked well.

      And yes, every single boring bit of Alex and Henry’s life would be AMAZING!!

    • I would’ve been perfectly happy with that as well. Those last few sentences about going to Gryffindor tower to sleep and hoping Kreacher would bring him a sandwich, and him saying “I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime,” were just really great!!

  2. I’ve got Cartographers, Book Lovers and This Is How You Lose the Time War on my TBR and I can’t wait to read them. I also could’ve done with an epilogue for RW&RB. It was such a sweet read! Great list 😃

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