ARC Review | Never Ever Getting Back Together

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Title: Never Ever Getting Back Together

Author: Sophie Gonzales

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Publication: 6 December 2022

Pages: 352

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The publisher sent me this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

To be upfront, I was drawn in by this book because of the title. Yes, I am a TSwift fan, and yes, I immediately thought of the song “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” when I saw this book. This may have been the point for the author, but I don’t remember seeing any TSwift references unless I’m oblivious and missed them (a high possibility).

It’s been two years since Maya dumped her cheating ex-boyfriend Jordy, and she still can’t escape him. His sister married the crown prince of a minor (fake) European country, and in the lead up to the wedding, he captured hearts globally as the eligible younger brother. So, when Maya receives an invitation to be a contestant on Second Chance Romance, a new reality show in which the now-famous Jordy will re-date his ex-girlfriends in an effort to find “the one that got away,” (ewww, gag) she isn’t interested. But then Maya realizes that she can use this opportunity to exact her revenge. If she can make it the finale, she can reject Jordy and publicly break his heart. As far as Maya’s concerned, it’s payback with interest, which is exactly what a guy like Jordy deserves.

But once she gets to set, she’s confronted with the one person she didn’t account for: Skye, the beautiful, charismatic girl Jordy cheated on Maya with. How is she supposed to live with this girl for six weeks? Sharing bunkbeds, for crying out loud? Except, of course, there’s more to Skye than she lets most people see. Skye has her own reasons for being careful with her heart, and might be willing to take Maya’s side than it initially seems. If they can sustain their reluctant alliance—and keep their unexpected chemistry from interfering—they might just have a chance to take Jordy down.

Oh my goodness, this book was fun in the fact that it was queer and centered on a reality dating show, which I love to watch and make fun of. I was frustrated at the beginning with the other characters, except Perri, who didn’t believe Maya’s story. I hate that in these kinds of situations the guilty party is usually believed over the accuser. And yes, Jordy is the problem as he orchestrates the whole situation to make it seem like he’s this awesome guy but still, I’m annoyed (also to that guy at the bowling alley in the first chapter saying Jordy created feminism, EXCUSE ME how dare you, sir?!).

Until, Maya and Skye finally sat down to talk about what happened, I was frustrated with both women because they were both victims of Jordy’s manipulation and lies. Each time I was on the Maya’s chapter, I was annoyed with Skye, and vice versa, when I was on Skye’s chapter I was annoyed at Maya. Once they sat down and realized that Jordy was cheating on Maya with Skye the whole book became that much better. I absolutely love the plan that Skye and Maya plan, and the tentative friendship they form that turns into love on both sides.

I was super pissed at Maya, at the end, but at least, she was able to see the error of her ways and fixed her relationship with Skye. So, yay for queer romance, and yay for bisexual representation with no biphobia!!

Happy Reading Darlings!

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  1. Well this sounds absolutely delightful. I read Alison Cochrun’s The Charm Offensive, which is about a guy going on a reality dating show to save his job and falling for his male handler by accident and it is so so good. (He wasn’t gay or bisexual to begin with, but that whole situation is handled really well, I thought, with humor and tact and grace.) I’ve read a few reality dating show books and actually really loved them lately. BUT…adding to the list. I’ve got to read faster. Or ship my kids to boarding school or something. This is getting out of hand.

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