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While I currently have no plans to meet any of these people, you never know what will happen. Considering I currently live in a small town in the middle of nowhere Texas, nothing will happen until I get a new job and leave.

Casey McQuiston: Yes, this is probably going to be a common answer, but I don’t care.

Jane Austen: This one is definitely never going to happen unless I run into a mad man (or woman) with a blue box. But I’m still including her because I’d love the chance to just get to sit and talk to her about any books and ideas and whatever.

Amanda Gorman: She is a queen! I want all good things for her and just would love to bask in her presence.

Tamsyn Muir: Not only does she seem like an awesome person, but I just want to know how her mind works.

V.E. Schwab: One of my favorite authors! I’d love the chance to meet and chat about her ideas and what she thinks about life and the books she’s reading, really anything under the sun.

Tomi Adeyemi: I love Tomi Adeyemi and want to be best friends!

Olivia Dade: I’m 1000% certain that we would be best friends.

Agatha Christie: Another author that I won’t actually get to meet but would love the chance to go back in time to do so. I love Christie and how her mind worked, plus I’d really want to know what happened in those 11 days she disappeared.

Neil Gaiman: He seems like a pretty awesome person.

Book Bloggers: There are too many to name but all the blogs I follow and who follow me, I’d love to meet each and every one of you! I doubt you’ll be coming near me anytime soon but if you do find yourself in this backwards town, I’m at your service.



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